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  • Ministry of social solidarity
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Health
  • Cairo Governorate

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Our Work - Early childhood development

We believe that early childhood ( from zero up to 6 years ) is a critical growth period for children....if given the right nurturing environment children in this period the children flourish and can reach their full potential . Hence we focus on this age group in an encompassing manner, training all who come in contact with the children, from the teachers to the mothers and care givers in the kindergartens we supervise. To date we have trained....mothers and graduated..... children to the primary school level. We are now entering the primary level at first grade to continue on with our children as they start a new phase. Our partners are McDonalds , who have been with us since ....., and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, who in 2019 allocated to us .....kindergartens to upgrade and supervise in Greater Cairo as well as ....(Upper Egypt) ( Photos : Asmarat classrooms, graduations, Ezba hadanat, trips...)